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  • St. Catherine Specialty Hospital provides video consultancy services arranged via the on-line “Virtual Clinic”, offering greater availability of its medical services to patients. The Virtual Clinic service has been designed to deliver consultancy services to patients who are unable to see a physician in person, or who require the type of consultancy that does not necessitate personal contact with the physician.
  • Virtual Clinic was not intended as a comprehensive medical service or as an alternative to actually visiting a physician in person, or undergoing any procedure or surgery, and consequently there will be cases when recommendation given in a video consultancy session will result in making an actual appointment and continuing one’s treatment in person.
  • VIRTUAL CLINIC IS NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES Do not use the Virtual Clinic service if you believe your health problem to be an emergency. User agrees and acknowledges the fact that the Virtual Clinic is not intended for any kind of medical emergencies. In case of doubt, or need for receiving any kind of emergency medical treatment, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital recommends contacting the emergency services.
  • Virtual Clinic can be accessed via the on-line appointments platform, which is owned and/or managed by us, including without limitation, the web site https://telehealth.stcatherine.com


  • The following text outlines the Terms of Service (hereinafter: “Terms”) for accessing and using the Virtual Clinic on-line platform for medical consultancy services, when accessed or used by any person (“User”, “Patient”).
  • When used in these Terms, the words “we”, “us” or alike refer to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, which owns and manages the Virtual Clinic.
  • By accessing or using the Virtual Clinic, or by checking the box that confirms that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms of Service, you confirm that you understand and accept these Terms. Read these Terms carefully before using the Virtual Clinic. In the event that you do not agree with any part of these Terms, do not register for the Virtual Clinic, stop using it and refrain from accessing it in any way.
  • These Terms may be modified. In the event of modification of the Terms, the updated version will be published on the Virtual Clinic website https://telehealth.stcatherine.com.
  • User declares under their own responsibility that the information provided by them is accurate and that they are aware that using a false identity or spreading false information may result in criminal prosecution.
  • In order to avoid invalid reservations, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital may use the provided mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to verify the patient’s request for an appointment.


  • Virtual Clinic enables you to consult the medical staff of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital (jointly referred to as “physician(s)”) via a video session in order to receive the medical services offered by St. Catherine Specialty Hospital (jointly referred to as “Virtual Clinic services”).
  • The Virtual Clinic services provided by St. Catherine Specialty Hospital enable patients to find physicians, request an appointment with them, have a video consultancy session, or receive confirmation of the time when the video consultancy session is scheduled, while at the same time the platform enables the physician to advise patients remotely, and to monitor and adjust their therapy if necessary. This way, the Virtual Clinic can be used (among other things) for accessing or facilitating access to:
    • (a) arranged medical services, second opinion services, treatment planning, appointment scheduling, or consultancy and information provided specifically for you and delivered to you; and
    • (b) general information and content that is publicly available and not provided specially for you.

Video consultancy services provided by the Virtual Clinic ensure a secure, one-on-one encrypted channel for communication between the patient and the physician. In providing this service, the Virtual Clinic abides by all the rules of privacy as provided under personal data protection legislation. User has accepted all the terms pertaining to personal data protection when creating their own profile and they acknowledge that those terms are available for review via the publicly accessible link Privacy Policy.

  • Neither the patient nor the physician is allowed to record, copy or broadcast any of the content or any excerpt of the content of the video consultancy session provided within the Virtual Clinic service, regardless of the means, medium, procedure or purpose. They both understand that any violation of image rights, the right to privacy or the duty of professional and medical confidentiality can be sanctioned, including by criminal sanctions.
  • Any equipment (smartphone, internet connection, etc.) used to enable access to and use of the Virtual Clinic service is used at the patient’s own expense, including the related costs of electronic communication (in particular, phone or internet access costs). It is the patient’s duty to find out about the costs of using the above-mentioned equipment or of the telecommunications operator’s services, before using the Virtual Clinic service.
  • It is recommended that the patient secure the following prior to initiating a consultancy session via the Virtual Clinic: a smartphone or a computer with a camera, microphone and internet connection, and to allow our Virtual Clinic service access to the video and audio content on their computer; in addition to that, the patient needs to ensure a quiet and well-lit environment for the session.
  • In the event that the environment, equipment or access prerequisites are not satisfied, the physician may end the video consultancy session. Should the patient feel uncomfortable during the video consultancy session as a result of poor performance or quality, they are required to inform us of that fact.
  • The physician who provides the Virtual Clinic service is the only person who has the right to evaluate the appropriateness of remote consultancy for the patient and may end the video consultancy session in the event that the prerequisites for remote consultancy are not fulfilled.
  • The patient understands and accepts that the Virtual Clinic service may be charged by St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, in which case the hospital shall provide timely notification to the patient.
  • The Virtual Clinic services are not part of the payment system of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund and as such they are not available via a referral issued by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund.


  • All services ordered via the website https://telehealth.stcatherine.com are payable in advance (before the service is rendered).
  • One-off payment is the only payment option and the following cards are accepted:
  • Credit and debit cards (Premium Visa, Diners, PBZ: Visa and Maestro, Erste: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Zagrebačka banka: Mastercard, Mastercard Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron, V pay, Maestro)
  • Once an appointment has been scheduled and paid for, the date and time of the appointment can be changed by contacting a medical consultant, via phone number +385 1 2867 400 or e-mail address: info@svkatarina.hr.
  • A customer may request a refund if the physician does not appear or is unavailable at the time when the appointment was scheduled.
  • St. Catherine Specialty Hospital reserves the right to withhold the service if it is in conflict with the Terms of Use.


  • Payments in our web store involve the use of CorvusPay – an advanced system for secure acceptance of payment cards in on-line payment transactions.
  • CorvusPay ensures complete secrecy of your card data from the moment when you enter them in the CorvusPay payment form. The payment data are forwarded encrypted from the web browser to the bank that issued your card. Our store never comes into contact with the complete data pertaining to your payment card. Also, the data are unavailable even to the employees of CorvusPay. An isolated core independently transfers and manages sensitive data, keeping them completely secure in the process.
  • The form for entering payment data is secured by high-security SSL transport protocol. All stored data are additionally protected by encryption, provided by using an encryption device certified in accordance with the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay complies with all requirements regarding the security of on-line payments as prescribed by the leading card brands, and operates in accordance with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard - the highest security standard of the payment card industry. When making payments using a card that is part of the 3-D Secure program, in addition to verifying the validity of the card itself, your bank will verify your identity via a token or password.
  • Corvus Info considers all the collected information to be bank secrets and treats them accordingly. The information is used exclusively for their intended purposes. Your sensitive data are completely secure, and their privacy is guaranteed by the most up-to-date protection mechanisms. Only data necessary for the relevant transaction are collected in accordance with prescribed obligatory procedures involved in on-line payment.
  • Security checks and operating procedures applied to our infrastructure ensure immediate reliability of the CorvusPay system. Moreover, by maintaining strict access control, regularly monitoring security and performing in-depth checks designed for preventing
  • network vulnerabilities, and by plan-based implementation of information security rules, the security level of the system is permanently maintained and improved and your card data protected.


  • If you find that you require urgent medical assistance, CONTACT A DOCTOR OR EMERGENCY SERVICES IMMEDIATELY (IN CROATIA, EMERGENCY SERVICES PHONE NUMBERS ARE 112 OR 194). Do not rely on electronic communication or communication via the Virtual Clinic in any medical emergency. Virtual Clinic is not intended to facilitate care in the event of emergency medical situations. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT THAT THIS PLATFORM IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN ANY OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED CASES AND THAT YOU MAY NOT USE THE PLATFORM IN ANY SUCH CASES.
  • St. Catherine Specialty Hospital does not consider video consultancy via the Virtual Clinic to be the best way to receive recommendations in the relevant medical fields covered by it, nor does it believe it to be the best possible method of treatment for your specific health condition or medical problem. Furthermore, the Virtual Clinic is not a substitute for your physician and a clinical examination. You consent to immediately contacting your doctor if your condition changes or symptoms deteriorate. Should you require emergency medical assistance, please contact your nearest emergency medical services immediately.
  • The Virtual Clinic service, consultancy or video consultancy provided by a physician of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital cannot and does not substitute seeing a physician at our institution in person. Hence, we suggest and recommend that any information received from the physician who provided you the Virtual Clinic service be additionally verified. Any reliance on such information would be completely at your own risk and under your own responsibility.
  • Do not neglect, avoid or postpone the seeking of medical advice from your doctor or another qualified medical specialist visited in person on account of any information or recommendation given to you via the Virtual Clinic.
  • In the event of any system errors, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible. To the extent feasible, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital will provide upfront notification to its users regarding any limited availability due to maintenance and/or remedial work on the Virtual Clinic system.
  • User acknowledges that communications systems, computer systems that host the web portal or the physician’s computer may be prone to malfunctions, just like any other computer system. User hereby waives the right to any complaints against St. Catherine Specialty Hospital or its associated entities due to technical malfunction during the course of using the service or due to inability to establish a video link for video consultancy purposes.
  • User acknowledges that St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is not liable for any violation of confidentiality of e-mails or other data sent to it resulting from the user’s improper implementation of safety instructions related with their system.
  • User acknowledges and accepts that the platform has been made “as is” and that the user shall not have any claims or statements against us. Use of the type of web service such as the Virtual Clinic is at personal responsibility.
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